Meet the Hikers: Andrew

by sobo2013


Well, we are a couple of days away from the hike, and I have finally gotten around to introducing myself. When telling people that I am about to undertake a 5-month trip into the wilderness, I have gotten responses ranging from “You must be crazy,” to “That sounds fun,” and even “Wow, you’re kinda weird.” Honestly, all these things are somewhat true – especially since, even though I have always enjoyed the wilderness and doing adventurous things, I have zero hiking experience. That, for me, is half the excitement – the risk of doing something that isn’t entirely safe and might not be a good idea. The other thing that is motivating me is the chance to step back and examine my life. I want to really take note of how blessed my life is and to try and get rid of the snares that have held me in place for a long time.

I just recently received an acceptance letter to veterinary school, which has been a life-long aspiration of mine. However, I will have to leave the country for at least three years to achieve this goal, and I can’t think of a better way to have one last adventure before my life changes forever and I finally have to grow up and have a career. I can’t wait to leave, but I am also reluctant to leave my friends and family behind. But if we are successful, it will all be worth it.

My prayer for my fellow hikers and myself on this journey is first of all safety, and that we focus on the opportunity to grow past the selfish things in the lives we leave behind – that they will no longer hold us at bay, and when we do return, we will be stronger and wiser than ever.