Moose, Mountains, and Monsoons

by sobo2013

We are now 188.7 miles into our journey, and we are still experiencing firsts. We hitch-hiked into a small town the other day to eat at a diner and resupply. We rode in the back of a truck for 18 miles down a bumpy Maine road to get to the general store / diner. The people there were wonderful but didn’t really know what to do with us crazy, smelly southern hikers. On our way back to the trailhead, we saw our first bull moose of the trip. This thing was massive, and the scary part is that he wasn’t even full grown.
After we got back to the trail, we had about 24 miles until the next town, Stratton. On the first day back on the trail we decided to tackle most if not all of the Bigelow Mountain range. Other than Mt. Katahdin, these would be the highest mountains that we had climbed to date. The climb up Little Bigelow proved to be fairly easy because the temperature was nice and the climb wasn’t too steep. Avery Peak proved to be a lot more difficult because it was a lot higher, steeper, and the bottom dropped out of the sky while we were coming down Little Bigelow. After being drenched climbing up Avery we decided to make camp for the night and climb the West Peak and hike the last 8 miles into town the following day.
After a very cold night at the Bigelow campsite we had an easy climb up the West Peak and the South Horn. The first few miles down the mountain were rugged, but we were eventually able to finish off the last few miles and make it to Maine Hwy 27 and take a shuttle to our hostel in Stratton.

“Wild Reeves”