He Created This

by sobo2013

When I have miles and miles of trail to hike, I find it easy to just put my head down and only look at the trail and where I place my feet. But then there’s the rare moment when you are able to look up at your surroundings and take in God’s creation. A couple days ago we were scheduled to climb four mountains in one day. The first climb wasn’t too bad because we were still fresh from the night before. By the time the second climb rolled around – the highest of the day – the weather was starting to look more and more like rain. I got a good view of the mountain when we were hiking up to it. This beast of an obstacle was called “The Horn”. It’s just over 4,000 feet and it was straight up. I put my head down and started up. I figured I would climb for a while and then take a break like I usually do. In fact, I’m usually the last one in the group to the top of a mountain, but for some reason I started up first. I’m not sure when I noticed it, but at one point in the climb I realized that I couldn’t hear the rest of the group behind me. Had they slowed down? Had they stopped for a break? I had enough water to get to the top so I decided to keep going. I kept trucking, telling myself that I would take a break soon. After a while of this, I caught a glimpse of the top of the mountain. I was over halfway there. I thanked God for bringing me so far and told Him that this one was for Him. I put my head down and kept going. I told Him I wouldn’t even take a break or wait for the others. I finally made it to the tree line. This meant that I no longer had the trees to shield me from the wind or elements. The climb became even harder, because the trail became a rock crawl. I put my trekking poles up and started crawling on my hands and feet up over these rocks and boulders. At one point the trail coincided with a stream going down the side of the mountain. My “trail” had become a stream for about 20 feet. I kept going. At this point I was praying my way up the rest of the mountain. I finally saw it…there I was…the peak. The sign marking the end of the climb. I wanted to run to the end but I was too cold to run and the terrain was too rocky. I could barely contain my excitement. I let out a loud roar that would have made even Mufasa sound like a cub. I walked up to the sign, put my hand on it to make sure it was real and then looked around. I could see everything from up here. God created all of this; the mountain, the lakes, the sun, the clouds, the trees, the rivers, the rocks – and it was all beautiful.
This adventure has gotten me thinking. The same God that created this beautiful planet that we take for granted every day is the same God that is getting me through my trials and heartaches. He is the same God that guides us through our lives and holds us close to Him when our lives get turned upside down. It’s easy to let the little things of our daily lives get to us or to get frustrated when we don’t understand something, but there is no denying how powerful and loving our God is when you are standing on top of a mountain.
“Wild Reeves”