Helping Hands

by sobo2013

Today we stopped in Dalton, Massachusetts, and we spent the night. While we were here, we took time to reflect not just on how far we have already come – which is just over 600 miles – but on how many complete strangers have offered us their services along the way. The good deeds range from free food, to free rides, and even dry places to sleep – whether it be a living room or a front porch. I guess the most remarkable part of this trip isn’t what you can learn about just yourself, but what you can learn about people in general. Yes, there are those that can be harsh and look at you like you are a homeless bum, without even taking the time to consider that you are in the middle of a great journey. The kind-hearted individuals that do lend a helping hand vastly overshadow the judgmental antics of the others. They go so far out of their own way to assist us that it warms my heart – so much that I am compelled to pay it forward in some fashion. The next chance I get. I think that is what an undertaking like this is about.
-By Andrew “Alpacka” Fortenberry