It’s Been a While!

I must start off by apologizing for the lack of updates on this blog. When we are in town and able to update all we want to do is eat and relax. However, with the winter storm upon us, we have taken cover in a small hotel next to the trail.
We have less than 100 miles left in Virginia and about 530 left in the trip. We have been slowed down a lot due to foot injuries, weather, and people visiting… but we are still going. We hope to be back before Christmas, but due to the weather we might have to go home for Christmas and then finish the last little bit afterward.
We have continued to have many fun adventures out here. Every day is filled with something new and exciting, but as a group we are ready to get home to Georgia and move on with our “normal” lives – even though I don’t think any of us know what a normal life is anymore. We have been living in the woods for so long that this has become normal. It’s kind of frightening to think about how different our lives will be. We no longer will have to live on just the essentials. No more sleeping in the cold, and food will be within a walk to the fridge or a drive to the store.
Virginia has been the toughest state for me. I have definitely gotten the Virginia blues, and along with the cold, this state has been very trying. I’m ready for a new state, but it seems like everything is trying to keep us from getting out of this state. It is the longest state on the trail at 550 miles. Hopefully some of my motivation will be restored once I hit the Tennessee border. Sometimes the only thing keeping me going is the desire to finish what I have started. I love the trail and the amazing adventure that I have had, but it’s getting to a point where I’m ready to be done. I know I will have times when I miss the trail, but I doubt I will be like some other thru-hikers and hike it again or suffer from AT withdrawal.
With 530 miles to go, I know we will have many more adventures. I look forward to each one, but with every passing day I dream more and more of Georgia and Springer Mountain.

“Wild Reeves”