Want to Help?

With such a huge undertaking as hiking the Appalachian Trail, any and all help would be greatly appreciated and needed. Here are a few different ways to help the three of us out:

1) Postcards and Letters: It takes a lot of drive and perseverance to hike 2,180 miles. One of the easiest ways to help us reach this goal is through words of encouragement. Tell us your favorite inspirational quote (I like encouraging song lyrics) or other useful information (like how to fight off a charging moose). If you want to send a postcard or a letter just message us and we will give your our estimated two week address and any other instructions you might need to know.

2) Food Care Packages: Since each of us will be burning 4,000-5,000 calories a day we will probably have an appetite greater than that of a blue whale. If you have the desire to be generous and help us curb our appetites, you can send us food packages. For some ideas, consider including such items as candy bars, ramen noodles, freeze-dried backpacking food, nuts, trail mix, beef jerky, dried fruit, etc. Please keep food amounts relatively small (<5 lbs). If you’re interested in sending us a food package, you can contact us and we will send you our estimated two week address and some instructions on how to address the package and whatnot.

3) Food or a Comfy Bed: If you enjoy reading our blog and would like to help out, but you’d prefer a less complicated method than putting together and mailing a food care package, please consider buying us a hot meal or a comfy bed at a town hostel.

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